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We provide customized security solutions for residential, commercial, and construction properties. Conduct risk assessments and implement appropriate security measures, including access control, surveillance systems, and regular patrols.
ARSEC Group provides qualified personnel to secure both occupied and unoccupied residential estates, commercial properties and construction sites. Our team is trained and responsible for preventing unauthorized access, monitoring for suspicious activity, and responding promptly to emergencies. To maintain a strong security presence and deter potential threats, we combine the use of technology and mobile security patrols strategically to monitor and detect suspicious criminal activities early on. Our security measures provide privacy while providing a sense of safety and peace of mind.
Our mobile patrols enable us to conduct regular area checks and provide reinforcement to our staff on the field. This approach ensures that our management team is actively involved in the day-to-day operations, further enhancing our ability to achieve our safety goals. Our proven system has been successful in ensuring the overall safety and liability of our clients, as well as ARSEC as a company.
Create a safe learning environment for students and staff. Our security personnel are trained to implement effective security measures, conduct regular patrols, and respond swiftly to any potential threats or incidents.
Students and staff face a range of threats and hazards with unique needs and challenges. Our mission is to mitigate these threats by implementing security measures that fortify the campus and provide a rapid response in the event of a security breach.
In today’s environment, the need for a visible deterrent has become increasingly relevant, signaling to potential threats that the institution is well-protected and prepared to respond swiftly and effectively, especially in the face of potential mass casualty incidents. Our approach focuses on combining the presence of security personnel with proactive community involvement. This not only helps prevent potential incidents but also fosters a sense of trust and cooperation between our team and the community we serve. We understand the importance of developing strong relationships and believe that by being an active and visible part of the community, we can better address concerns.

Our Emergency Response Team is trained and equipped to swiftly deploy to areas affected by natural or man-made disasters, civil unrest, or any situation that demands a rapid response. We specialize in emergency response management in challenging environments, with the primary goal of protecting lives and property. During these critical times, our team works tirelessly to contain and mitigate further loss or damage to properties, including residential and commercial assets that are often left unoccupied or unattended. We understand the importance of
protecting these valuable assets and strive to ensure their safety during chaotic situations.



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