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Provide regular patrols of your property. Our team will monitor for any suspicious activity, respond to alarms, and conduct thorough inspections to ensure the safety and security of your premises.
Patrols can help deter criminal activity, provide rapid response to incidents or security breach minimizing potential damage or harm, and provide regular checks in your area. The presence of a marked security vehicle is a powerful deterrent and can significantly enhance safety and security. Mobile patrols can respond quickly to incidents, such as security breaches or safety hazards and take appropriate action to resolve the situation. Patrols can perform scheduled checks of the area, which can include examining doors and windows, inspecting fences and gates, identify any potential vulnerabilities and ensuring that the area is secure. If an alarm is triggered, mobile patrols can respond to the location to investigate and address the situation. Mobile security patrols can help prevent porch piracy by retrieving packages that have been left unattended and securing them until the resident can retrieve them. This service can be particularly useful for residents who are away from home for extended periods, such as on vacation or at work.



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